4 years ago

KC Greats Episode 018– Erik Wullschleger of LiveKC

KC Greats Episode 18

Erik Wullschleger of LiveKC joins me this week as my first repeat guest. So, it must not be too awful of an experience!

Erik not only works on The Collective Funds, which we previously discussed on Episode 12, but also heads up efforts for LiveKC. Take a listen to figure out what it is, because I’ll bet you don’t already know!

Erik on LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erikwullschleger

LiveKC: http://www.livekc.org/

Code Koalas: https://codekoalas.com/

Fan ThreeSixty: http://www.fanthreesixty.com/

Cliff Illig: http://www.cerner.com/About_Cerner/Leadership/Corporate_Leadership/Cliff_Illig/


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